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A website just for me. A place where I can keep a journal of the daily changes and goings on at Kendra Gebbia Productions.

For the past two years I've been displaying and selling my art at many art fairs, boutiques and farmers markets. It's been so much fun to show people my art and especially when it comes to the art fairs, interact with them as they experience what I make and have. So many friendships have been formed from the many coordinators, volunteers, other vendors and the people who populate all of these shows it's been a whirlwind. I absolutely look forward to another year even though, as my own trusty voluteers and staff know, it takes so much hard work. The rewards are so many...

Even though I call myself a "wood-cut printmaker" I'm really much more than that, many times incorporating objects which occupy 3rd dimensional space and have a function in everyday life.... what that really mans is I make beautiful handbags which have my printwork done on fabric which I build into a handbag. Or I print on Japanese paper, hand paint it and apply that to glass lamps and candleholders.

There's more that I do, which is why I love to just show you rather than try to explain it all in fifty words or less. So please, explore my website here which has some links to events I'll be displying at in person as well as some store and boutiques that sell some of my art, and Etsy, my current "online store".

This Seasons Events

While it's true that it gets too cold to host many outdoor Art Shows, things certainly don't come to a screaching halt. I'll be displaying at a few more shows before the new year. I have a Schedule, which has a complete listing and descriptions, along with links to the shows' websites, or other websites which contain more information than even I can provide, but I'll give you a quick rundown first.

First off is "Artzilla" October 25th, which is an awesome party comprised of fun local artists and there fans hosted by a fun couple who know how to throw a good event together every year. The next event I'll be displaying at is aptly named, "Best Holiday Shopping EVER!&Quot;. This show will have some really great locally crafted art in a variety of shapes and forms, perfect for some early holiday gift shopping or that personal splurge before you have to stop shoping for yourself for the holidays. I'm excited to be a part of the &Quot;No Coast Craft-O-Rama&Quot; this year, so look for me there. I've also been fortunate to be a part of an annual event which is changing locations this year, but will surely be full of the same great pool of artists as before with many new artist joining in. So come to one of the last events of this year and say hello, I'll look forward to it.

- Kendra

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